Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Orange Sticks & Soy Milk

It's Tuesday afternoon. I'm sitting on the couch, eating orange sticks and washing them down with soy milk. Nothing is better than enjoying Oprah and satisfying my sweet tooth, although I'll regret it hours from now when I'm on the treadmill. Sometimes I think having the desire to be thin is overrated. Key word is sometimes. Most of the time, I fantasize about nothing more than having a taught belly. Anyway, Dr. Oz is on Oprah talking about poop. He says everyone looks at their feces whether they want to admit it or not. Okay, all of sudden my chocolate filled orange sticks don't look or taste so appealing anymore.

Anyway, the real reason I'm blogging? I'm wondering what's more important to people.
1. Talk about the U.S. recession and it's significant impact on two benefits programs (Medicare & Social Security)
2. The "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" scandalous alleged affair

Is it one or the other? Do people have to choose? Or is there room for both in the world of television news? My only fear in today's world is that people are more focused on gossip, rumor and speculation than on real issues. And perhaps that's because we want to escape. Escapism vs. Reality. Who would pick the latter, when the first choice provides a world focused on issues other than their own?

Okay, no longer watching Oprah. And no longer analyzing this topic. Just wanted to share a thought that will seem minor when I blog tomorrow.
----I was just temporarily interrupted by a news promo. MISS CALIFORNIA embroiled in scandal. Should she lose her crown? (put hand over your mouth and gasp in shock)
Since I'm all over the place today, I wonder what the future of the GOP will be in this country...hmmm.

And with that I say GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK.


Brian Kodele said...

For me personally, I think I would like to see news that I can depend on. I want news that shows the whole picture, and not just bits and pieces, or what someone wants me to think, and news without the sensationalism. I don't mind peronal oppinions as long as I get the whole story.
For example, the coverage on the wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan. It seems the media is focused on the horror's, mistakes, and the negatives, and not a lot of the positive things that are happening over there.
Another example is the Presidential election coverage. Some individuals received more coverage than others. I would rather see more coverage of the lesser known candidates, and independant's that are running, than what a popular candidates spouse is wearing to a formal ball.
On the plus side of things, I really like the sound of orange sticks, and soy milk. It sounds good, and like something I would really want to try.

Brian Kodele said...

Also, Whether it is positive, or negative, or contains no wisdom or knowledge at all, we as the audience have the option to accept or reject whatever is offered to us. What we get out of a story, or article isn't as important as the right we have to recieve the information that we get

Anonymous said...

in Reality...hmmmm do you think you can wrestle me down.. "I think not"
bk has a new orange cream freeze drink,, I thought about you, then thought dang it, it probably has milk in it.. it's very good though!` pros and cons


Morg said...

At 4:00 shouldn't you be watching KSL 5 News at 4:00?

Rochelle said...

You hit the issue right on the head. One is news, the other gossip/fluff.

News sometimes makes people feel uncomfortable, so they accept fluff instead. I prefer news. Others prefer the safety of fluff.

Anonymous said...

Nin you are hilarious orange sticks and soy milk and watching someone talk about how everyone looks at their poop. I admit I do, sure seems weird that u do that. Do you look at your poo poo? Im sure you do like the Doctor says. Looking at your poo can tell you if your healthy or sick on the inside. Sounds discusting but its true. you are educated and im sure you know what to look for, so i dont have to explain. the biggest reason I think is because you want to make sure you get it all when you wipe, dont want to leave anything behind. Just a thought

Anonymous said...

Good Read. News is the best, no fluffy stuff just raw news as it happens. Nin does a great job and looks way good while doing it. Is your BF ever going to propose or what, if not are you going to be single soon. Anyway as far as the Orange Sticks and Soy Milk goes and Dr OZ talking about how we look at our feces, that's quite a subject. Never really thought of that, but I would guess most of the population does do this, how else do you know if you wiped yourself good or not. Dont you wipe until youre tp is clean. Maybe you have one of those fancy toilets that clean for you, im sure youre like the rest of us. Besides Feces shows us many thinngs about our own health according to the Dr. Anyway Nin I wish you would post more pics of you on your facebook. My opinion is I like youre hair the best, when it's naturally dark, but you look way hott anyway you do it. Send some bikini pictures just to tease us with, since we dont have a chance. Personally I have a foot fetish for your feet and I would love to see some pics of youre beautiful feet. Wow youre hott. Anyway I think my new fav is Orange sticks and Soy milk, gotta try it. Bye now.