Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kiplyn Davis: where is she?

I think this is one of those stories that should be featured nationally, either on dateline or 60 minutes. It's that mind boggling. A 15 year-old disappears without a trace...literally. Kiplyn Davis was last seen in 1995. Her family believes she was murdered. So did the state, so they decided to try to prosecute two men, Christopher Neal Jeppson and Timmy Brent Olsen who they said admitted to friends at a party that they did it. The defense said not the case; they were joking and intoxicated at the time. They were indicted federally for lying to investigators in 2005. Years later in 2007, the state went after the two for murder charges. How do you prosecute someone without Corpus Delicti? That's what everyone wondered. Prosecutors knew they had a tough case. The defense demanded the murder charges be dropped even though a trial date had already been set. The judge in the case asked the prosecution to find a case as unique as this one. Without a body, a crime scene, forensic evidence or murder can you prove a murder took place? The family of Kiplyn certainly deserves justice, but putting two potentially innocent men behind bars would be an injustice. So many rumors have been swirling over the years. Some think these guys did it. Some say based on the lack of evidence, no way.

Well, yesterday a plea deal was reached for Christopher Neal Jeppson. Clearly the prosecution knew they had no case. Jeppson pleaded no contest to obstruction of justice and was sentenced 0 to 5 years in prison. He's already serving a five year sentence federally. The two sentences will be served at the same time. The plea deal means Jeppson can never be charged in connection with this case EVER AGAIN. Kiplyn's family is devestated. All they want to know is: "What happened to my daughter and where is she?" They said they wouldn't rest, even if it took forever. Now they're realizing they have to move on, find closure.

The question now is: what happens with Timmy Brent Olsen? He's been charged with murder, but his defense has appealed and his case is now pending. Will prosecutors offer him the same plea deal?

These men say they are innocenet, had nothing to do with her disappearance. That aside, think about the family's realization: they may NEVER know what happened to their daughter. It'll always be speculative.

Someone out there knows something...

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