Friday, December 11, 2009

Tiger, Grrrrr

The only Tiger I grew up hearing about was Tony. It's grrrrrrrreat! And up until now, one could arguably compare Tiger Woods' squeaky clean image to Tony the Tiger. Granted the latter is a ficticious character, but so is being squeaky clean. Don't you think? Perfection is impossible, unless you believe in Jesus. But this blog is not about religion, although these days people tend to worship just about everyone, including Tiger Woods.

12 women. That's how many the golf pro has been linked to (probably more after I post this). Seems as though every day a new woman, in search of stardom and dollars signs shining brightly in her eyes, is coming forward with details about their alleged sexual escapades. Because seriously, why else would ANYONE come forward and talk to the PUBLIC about alleged extramarital affairs, other than to risk tarnishing their image and future? $$$ Cha-ching. I saw a television interview with Tiger's ex-girlfriend from his high school/college years the other day. GIVE ME A BREAK. How sad is that? Wonder how much Inside Edition forked over for that interview?

Listen...whatever. Whatever about the number of women and his alleged affairs. He's a public figure, I get it. People are interested, I get it. People love to gossip; trust me, I get it. It's in our nature to gossip and gawk at other peoples' problems because it makes us feel better about our messed up lives. Let's face it, we all have issues that we keep buried in our closets at home. Messed up celebrities make us feel less shame about decisions we've made in the past. We're lucky our problems aren't plastered on the front page of the New York Post. Granted, you may say, "Well Tiger knows he's famous and because of that he's held to a higher standard!" Maybe, but do you think he started playing golf to become famous? Like with most people, it starts with a passion for something(actors, musicians, comedians, athletes) and then in some cases, it evolves into stardom.

I'm not saying what Tiger did was excusable (the fame, the pressure got to him...who knows). I'm just saying why are we SO shocked by his behavior, or any celebrities' bad behavior for that matter? I feel more sorry for his wife...who has to live through this prolonged public humiliation. I guess what I'm wondering is, why are we (the media) SO fascinated with Tiger's alleged affairs? Is it in the public's best interest to know? IDK and IDC.

Done with this rant.


The eEditor said...

I agree with most of your thoughts. Excusing his behavior because "fame got to him" or whatever is a cop-out, though. If he wasn't such a narcissist, he would have avoided places and events where the temptation to abandon his family [via infidelity] existed. He should have surrounded himself with people he could trust to help him avoid his own weaknesses, and steer him to events where the risks of his weaknesses were mitigated. Instead of carousing at night clubs late at night and into the wee hours of the morning, he could have behaved like a guy that was married with kids. I realize that plan sounds too simplistic, but it can work.

My .02, anyway.

Jason Russell said...

Here's what I don't get: our society is obsessed with sex. Movies and TV shows glorify sex, whether pre-marital, marital, or extra-marital. The programs show the passion and excitement of sex, and rarely the heartbreak.

And then, when someone in "real life" has acted like all those "hotties" do in the movies, we're shocked and judgmental. If people don't want to see that kind of behavior in real life, then why does sex sell? Like you say, "People love to gossip; trust me, I get it. It's in our nature to gossip and gawk at other peoples' problems because it makes us feel better about our messed up lives."

Joe said...

Great Blog!! I think this is an ugly side of the free market where even negative sells..
certain rock stars probably make more money each time a shooting rampage happens, or actors/actresses making more money each time their drug overdose is reported.

Anonymous said...

I think it's because he is the most well known athlete in the world. I think it is shocking because he is so well Loved by everyone. Not just golfers. He is not that great looking of a guy so maybe he was never good with girls so now that he has a chance he takes it. I dont feel bad for him at all. But i feel real bad for his wife and kids. He's and ASS!

Anonymous said...

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