Saturday, September 5, 2009

I think I want a Cat.

Sitting on the porch, slowly sipping my morning coffee. Although "porch" is an overstatement. People like me don't have a porch. I live in a dingy apartment. I'll start this over.

Sitting in a faded, red chair in my dingy balcony, sippin' my coffee. Not slowly anymore. It's lukewarm now. More like gulping. It's a Saturday, and although it feels like morning to me, it's not. The clouds are blanketing the sky, the wind is howling and it's already noon. I'm quite proud of my mini-tomato garden. Although it's not much of a garden. I have a planter box. Still, I'm curious how "I" managed to grow these plump tomatoes. Is it possible that I'm ready to have a child? If I can nurture tomatoes, am I ready have a little Nineveh running around the place? As if. Growing tomatoes is hardly a litmus test for growing children. It is however a step in the right direction. I think.

Last night my boyfriend and I had dinner with another couple at some fancy schmancy place called "Pago" in Sugarhouse. Great food, although my boyfriend would argue that it was hardly great. I think it was just painful paying. Had it been the other way around, I'm sure the food would have been delicious! Don't worry darling, next one's on me. Wendy's it is. Anyway. We were having a discussion about cats. Owning a cat. He's been bugging me lately about adopting a kitten.

"I just don't know if I'm ready sweety. That's a lot of responsibility, and I can hardly feed myself let alone take care of another creature," I admit at the dinner table.

It didn't help sitting across from the couple with cats. My girlfriend is the borderline cat lady, although not anymore. She has a significant other. I have to think of a new nickname for her. Bless her heart. She only owns two cats. That hardly qualifies her to be a cat lady, but it was always fun giving her a hard time about her cats and the correlation it had to her singleness. Former singleness. I am. Sitting alone. I sure could use some company. I'm imagining myself, MAC laptop on my lap, writing, coffee cup on the dusty fold-out table, and a kitten nestled next to me . Purring. Prrrrr. Okay, now I'm seriously contemplating getting a cat.

"Babe! Let's get a cat!" I yell.

He laughs. Yeah, I know it's funny. I'll probably change my mind in twenty minutes.


Cheri Chesley said...

From past experience owning cats, I suggest you start with one. :) I'll briefly explain why. I got my first kitten at 16. Then I started babysitting for a lady who worked nights. All alone, my new kitten took to shredding everything in my room in retaliation. Someone suggested I get him a friend. So I did. And they became adorably inseparable.

Some cats do very well on their own, but if you do get one and have trouble with it--some cats are just better as one of a pair.

Resonator said...

You should totally get a cat. They are great companions.

Shamiran said...

my husband and I have two. Growing up in an Assyrian household left little room for even dreaming of own a pet. So when I arrived with my first cat, Cheeks, at home, my mom's expression was unfathomable. BUT, they're GREAT, self-sustaining, cute and cuddly, and one of the most wonderful creatures on God's green earth. They're just so much fun, so smart and witty, they most humans to shame.

They're just really fun loving and a blast to have around the house.

YES-get a cat.